Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting

Save time, eliminate the risk, put an end to spreadsheets as well as streamline your internal processes with automated accounting connecting with us. BATUNA ACCOUNTANTS is expertise exercising the virtual bookkeeping accessing with digital technology whilst Cloud accounting. BATUNA is here to make your transition & bookkeeping solution to digital cloud accounting, specializing in greater accuracy, accessibility, and compliance that transforms real-time information into real-world business insights.

BATUNA ACCOUNTANTS enclose your day-to-day bookkeeping and expense claims.

We are engaged with our dedicated professional team of accountants to review and analyze the back-end aspects of the software as well as scan all the receipts using the latest cloud accounting software. Compromising sensitive financial information, our updated cloud bookkeeping software encrypts data to keep it safe and secure from prying eyes and you can access them without place or timing restrictions which potentially saves time and cost while allowing real-time decision-making. 


Our BATUNA experts can help you to set up cloud accounting, in addition, to training you in the application of new tools and transit to the new system without any impact on your financial management and liabilities. You’ll be benefited from getting our specialist support at every stage. We thrive on helping you to outsource your bookkeeping and adopt remote accounting practices. Get used to Cloud accounting to generate financial reports quickly and can streamline and smoothen the accounting process flow.

  • Reduced Cost
  • Reduced Manpower Cost
  • Receive Financial Advice
  • Improved Business Focus
  • Better Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved Financial Decision Making

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